Syracuse Soft Interfaces IGERT Program well represented at 2016 APS March meeting.

A number of former and current IGERT Trainees and Associates gave presentations at the  2016 March Meeting of the APS in Baltimore:

Michael Czajkowski (IGERT fellow), Prashant Mishra (IGERT Associate), Giuseppe Passucci (former IGERT fellow), Adam Patch (IGERT fellow), and Kazage Utuje (IGERT Associate).

Presentations were also given by a number of other members of the Syracuse Soft Matter Program:

Faculty members Mark Bowick and Joseph Paulsen Postdocs: Matthias Merkel, Matteo Paoluzzi, Oksana Manyuhina and former postdoc Max Bi. Graduate students: Tao Zhang, David Mayett, Suraj Shankar, Duanduan Wan and former student Xingbo Yang

Profs. Cristina Marchetti and Jen Schwarz, and postdoc David Yllanes all gave invited talks at the meeting.


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